Winter Tires at Downtown Chrysler

Winter tires are a part of life for drivers in the Greater Toronto Area. Seasonal tire swaps are a practice performed by new and experienced drivers alike because they are aware of the benefits that come with using winter tires during the colder months. As a diligent vehicle owner, it pays to be aware of your options when it comes to ensuring a safe driving experience, especially during the winter months. Continue reading below as our team here at Downtown Chrysler discuss common questions, as well as the benefits of driving with winter tires.

What’s Wrong With All-Season Tires?

The all-season tires equipped on your vehicle are great for normal driving conditions. The issue lies with what happens to them when temperatures begin to drop. Unlike winter tires, the rubber compounds on all-season tires tend to harden in the cold, thus reducing their ability to grip onto wet, and slippery road surfaces. On the other hand, winter tires are engineered to remain soft in cold weather, and their unique tread patterns are designed to maintain optimal grip on snowy, icy and slush-filled roads.




Do Winter Tires Really Make a Difference?

There are several studies that have proven the effectiveness of winter tires on snow & ice-covered roads, compared to that of all-season tires. According to a study conducted by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, on a snow-covered road, the added traction of winter tires result in a stopping distance of around 55 metres, versus that of 155 metres for a vehicle with all-season tires. This reduced stopping distance can mean the difference between avoiding or being part of a vehicle collision.




Discounted Insurance Premiums

In Ontario, many automotive insurance providers offer discounted rates for drivers who can prove that they use winter tires during the winter months. Not only do winters provide your vehicle with added confidence during inclement weather, they also reduce the strain on your wallet when it comes to monthly insurance premiums.




Winter Tires at Downtown Chrysler

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