Tire Storage in Toronto, ON

Tire Storage Service at Downtown Chrysler

When the season changes, the weather does and so does the need to change the tires on your vehicle. Tires deliver unmitigated control, safety and performance, framing the vehicle’s look and working as one of the most important components of your Chrysler. When off your vehicle, though, they’re often more cumbersome than expected and are a valuable part that deserves the best of quality care. Let us here at Downtown Chrysler help you with storing your tires off-season, and take that worry off your hands.

Why Store Your Tires at Downtown Chrysler


Storage Space

If you live in a condo or apartment, storing your tires for you is obvious from the jump. Don’t worry if you don’t have the space to store your tires off-season, we have more than enough space in a comfortable storage environment. Even if you do live in a house, and have a garage or shed to store, four tires can take up a lot of space, so let us give you a little bit more breathing room at your place, and we’ll take them off your hands.

Climate Control

If you do store your tires at home, chances are you’re storing them in an environment that isn’t the best living space for them. It can get unseasonably cold, and unseasonably hot here in Toronto, which can do a number on your tires with them just sitting there. Here at Downtown Chrysler we’ll ensure that your tires are stored in a climate-conscious environment and maintain their quality.


What better way to deliver peace of mind than by knowing your tires are always safe and secure at a dealership, with the worry of being stolen, or breaking down. Don’t worry about your tires lazily existing in your backyard, storage area or balcony, our Downtown Chrysler dealership will ensure they stay safe.

Store Your Tires at Downtown Chrysler

Store your tires with ease at Downtown Chrysler. Best yet, when it’s time to swap on your tires for the season, it’s an easy job with them conveniently located in our tire storage facility. Deliver the best for your tires through seasonal tire storage at Downtown Chrysler.